Wise Reviews and MasterCard Benefits

Finding an account online is now easier. You can just go for your very own Wise savings account. Wise also has a MasterCard debit card to access your account anytime and anywhere you may be. You don’t need to worry about how you can withdraw it since you can have a debit card for that purpose.

Wise is based in London and its a money transfer service that was founded in 2011. It’s a multi-currency type of money transfer account to have an excellent solution for your international funds. You will get a much cheaper and more convenient buying power from its debit MasterCard. Check this Wise business account to learn more about the benefits you can get from their services.

1. Free To Pay Using  Wise Your Account

If you have the Wise MasterCard, you can use it to pay using any currency from your account. It can save you from having to stand in long lines to withdraw your cash. Just swipe that card to pay for whatever you need. It will save you a lot since it’s free. Unlike using different debit cards, you will not get charged if you use your MasterCard for paying from other stores.

  1. ATM Withdrawals are Free

Sometimes you still need to withdraw some cash, so the debit card will allow you to do that. You can get free ATM withdrawals that will be up to £200 a month. It’s a great way to save from withdrawal fees, especially if you’re currently living outside the UK. Wise card fees will not leave you paying for more, aside from what you need.

  1. Convert Your Money for Minimal Conversion Fee

Currency conversion can be expensive, especially if you’re travelling. With Wise MasterCard, you will only be charged a small conversation fee. It will be somewhere between 0.35% and 1% of the amount that needs to be converted. It’s way cheaper than any other online money transfer available.

  1. Automatic Currency Conversion

When you get a payment from a different currency that you prefer, it will automatically convert your money. The best part is that it’s based on the real-time exchange rate. Some online money transfer companies base it on the lowest exchange rate, which leaves you with a smaller amount than it should be.

  1. Borderless Account

Wise MasterCard will be the best business solution for everyone who needs to have an international account. It’s a borderless account that you can access wherever you are. Since it also comes with a debit MasterCard, you can withdraw cash or pay using it directly. It is convenient and a lot cheaper than owning a credit card.

If you’re looking for an excellent way to transfer money to your account, Wise is the best solution. You don’t need to open a bank account in different counties anymore, which is impossible anyway. Getting the Wise MasterCard will solve your problems with how to get your money converted. With Wise, you can have your funds ready to use at any time.

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