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Truvvi Lifestyle Review: How Does Truvvi Work?

Truvvi Lifestyle is a service for members, and it offers amazing discounts throughout the world. They offer a Best Price promise that allows you to enjoy locations all over the world for the best possible price. 

When you choose your membership level, you are ready to start your journey. Not only do you get exclusive 24/7 booking, but you get discounted travel rates, flight insurance, hotel credits, tele-med doctor access, and more. You can save money with Truvvi Lifestyle.

Membership Types

The first step to enjoying the benefits of the Truvvi lifestyle is choosing a lifestyle membership level. There are three different levels, including Gold, Platinum, and Platinum +. You can also add the UK Bonus Pack to any of the plans.

You can choose to make payments monthly, quarterly, or yearly, with additional savings for both quarterly and yearly plans. These plans offer more than travel savings; they provide you with the opportunity to personalise your travel and lifestyle experiences wherever you go. You can even enjoy visiting places in your home town.

Membership Benefits

When you choose any of the three plans for the Truvvi travel club, you get access to a number of benefits right away. First, you have exclusive booking services 24/7. The Truvvi travel membership support team is available at all times to help with your bookings.

In addition, you get discounts that are for members only in travel rates on flights, car rentals, hotels, cruises, and life experiences. They have a Best Price Promise where they will refund you 110% of the difference if you find a lower price from another website for the same travel.

The membership includes $200,000 of flight insurance on commercial airlines, and they will send you special bespoke offers for medi-jet service and travel based on your profile. Finally, all three levels get hotel credits, which reduce the price on hotel bookings.

Gold Members get one week of Tele-Med Doctor access, while Platinum and Platinum + Members get unlimited access. Platinum and Platinum + members also get access to more than 1300 international VIP airport lounges in 600 cities across 148 countries, as well as VIP concierge service for concert tickets, restaurant reservations and more.

They also benefit from Truvvi travel fast pass passport and Visa processing. Platinum + members have the additional benefit of up to three hours of legal representation abroad.

The UK Bonus Pack

Anyone who joins at any Truvvi membership level can add the UK Bonus Pack for just £5 per month. This gives you special pricing on experiences including flying lessons, learning new arts and crafts, track days and more, as well as the Taste Card, which gives you an exclusive Truvvi discount price at favourite restaurants in the UK and other deals. You also get exclusive deals on some of the best restaurants in the UK and a Truvvi discount on cinemas and more.

The Truvvi App

Once you join, you can do a Truvvi app download, go to the Truvvi login and book your next adventure. You can book plane tickets, experiences, hotels, and more. The app is available from the App Store or Google Play. Download it today to start enjoying the Truvvi Lifestyle.


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