Helping Hands For Ukrainian Refugees In Hungary

The Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are inspiring the world by defending their country’s freedom amidst this debacle. This has resulted in the shattered of lives overnight. Due to the unfair and unprovoked invasion. Volunteers from around the world had had to go to Ukraine to risk their lives on the front lines to defend Ukrainian territorial integrity.

The European countries, such as Poland, Hungary, Germany, France and the United Kingdom have also opened their doors to thousands of Ukrainian seeking refuge. A lot of help is currently being provided by the government including various charities and other supporting groups.

Helping Hands’ mission (We are individuals who have lived in Hungary) is to assist the displaced families and students who have arrived in Hungary. Although the Hungarian community is compassionate and empathetic to their situation. Likewise, we agreed to help raise money for daily essentials through the Go Fund Me platform.

Donate today to the #HelpingHands #HelpUkrainian Refugees In Hungary Mission #AllRefugeesMatters

Your donation will go a long way in meeting people’s needs in these difficult times

All the money will go towards food and other essentials.

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely

Helping Hands & Friends


This campaign is not sarcasm to any political party and Helping Hands is not affiliated with any political politics. The decision is yours to support Helping Hands to execute this task.

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