Google web stories for WordPress

Google Web Stories For WordPress 2020

You can use the Google Web Stories WordPress plugin to get more traffic to your site. This new plugin can help websites rank higher in Google searches, Google images, and the Google App. It is a new form of Accelerated Mobile Pages, called AMP, that presents small chunks of information at a time. 

Each page has around ten words and the ideal length for Web Stories is four to thirty pages. They provide content in easy-to-digest chunks for the mobile user who wants to glance at it for short periods of time. The Google Web Stories platform is open source and free to use. 

Tips to Make the Most of Web Stories

When you create your Google Web Stories for WordPress, you will make short stories that are easy for consumers to understand. When you start, you will want to drag your image or video to the edge of the page. This allows you to set it as the page background. You should keep video clips short at no more than fifteen seconds. 

You can add a solid or gradient overlay to the background images or video. This will increase the contrast for the text and can add visual style. Another way that you can add visual interest is by using shapes on the story page. The shapes act as a mask and you can drag your image or video to the edge of a shape to set it. 

In addition, you can review the story through the story system layer in preview mode. You will find the story system layer docked at the top and you can preview your story to make sure that the system layer icons aren’t blocking any of your content. 

Finally, be sure to read about the best practices for creating a successful story. Your Google Web Story can be a valuable way to connect your business with consumers. 

Google Web Stories are engaging visual stories that you upload to the web. They are powered by AMP technology and you only need a plugin for WordPress. You can start with the Google Web Stories plugin. The plugin is still in its beta stage so it must be downloaded as a zip file. You can download the zip file and then follow these steps: 

  • Navigate to Plugins and click on Add New 
  • Click the Upload Plugin button at the top of the screen 
  • Select the zip file from your local file system 
  • Click the Install Now button 
  • When the installation is complete, you will see a notification of “Plugin installed successfully” 
  • Click the Activate Plugin button at the bottom of the page 


As the platforms on the Internet change and evolve, you need to stay current or risk missing out on many consumers. People are looking for visual content that is handed out in short chunks. Good Web Stories are the answer and they will increase your web presence and reach. 


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