end sars protest 2020

End SARS Protest 2020: Could the Protest in Nigeria Be an Answer to Their Prayers?

As the people of Nigeria take to the streets to protest the brutal actions of the Special Anti-Robbery Unit (SARS), the young and the old are joined in prayers for peace and the disbanding of SARS. They are sharing news on the save Nigeria protest on social media, and they hope to end the unlawful arrests, torture, and extrajudicial killing carried out by this unit.

The people began this Nigeria protest after seeing a video of SARS officers killing a young man in the southern Delta state. They also arrested the man who filmed the killing. Although President Muhammadu Buhari ordered all SARS personnel to report to the police headquarters for debriefing and psychological training, a new unit, SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team was formed to replace it. If you have seen the News on Nigeria protest, you can see that the people are joined together in one voice against this.

The Power of Prayer with One Voice

Nigerians has been praying to God to give them guidance and help find peace and an end to this brutality for the people of Nigeria. The Nigeria protest to end SARS is, perhaps, the answer to these prayers. The people trust in God to deliver the nation to the place it needs to be, and the Youth are coming together in huge numbers for Nigeria end SARS protest.

Rather than focusing on what they are protesting against, the people pray to God to help change their nation. The people have come together to protest brutality and they have strength in numbers. They are demanding the immediate release of all prisoners, as well as an immediate end to police brutality. They also want justice for those who have been killed.

Seeing the Good in the Protests

Although the protests are against unlawful injustice, the good is in the voice of the people joining to find justice and a better way. God has answered their prayers by providing this protest as an outlet for people to express their outrage at the police brutality while changing the country for the better.

Even though Nigeria is a very wealthy country ($446,543 Billion) with an abundance of natural resources, it remains Africa’s number one producer in terms of GDP output. Yet it is suffering from massive poverty and unemployment among young people, and this could be the catalyst that brings about the change they have been praying for. Although the protest started as a reaction to the brutal SARS murder of an innocent man, it has transformed into demands to address human rights and poverty in Nigeria. The prayers of the people have been answered, as they are now much stronger than one voice standing together.

Final Word


This article is not sarcasm to anyone but to see the good that could come out of this protests through the voice of the Nigerians. I believe it's actually a channel for an answer to prayers that we have been hoping and trusting God for all these years. Also, it's to place the nation where it is meant to be.

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